Mission Impossible Game: Prague Teambuilding

Adventure game in Prague for teams

Enjoy the adventure in Prague. The element of surprise, adventure and the unknown makes this a team-building event one to be remembered for years to come. There will be clues, there will be challenges and if your team can locate and crack the case, the rewards will be sweet a liquid.

Without knowing the exact content of the activity, and without time for thought, the group is organized into teams and told that their mission is to locate and open a briefcase located somewhere in the great outdoors.

There are alternatives for the operative to kidnap the boss for added effect.


With the mission provided, all teams set out to locate the case.

The teams must work together to earn clues to the Mission Impossible team building activity case code as they travel around using a variety of transport modes.

All competing teams will move together to complete the journey to locate the case. Along the way, they will need to complete several recreational and problem-solving activities. This will help them overcome obstacles and to obtain clues to the case’s location and to the code that will open its lock.

Duration: 3 - 5 hours
Meeting point (if not specified in your request): on request

What's included

teambuilding game

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