Prague Adventure park: Fort Boyard Style

Adventure park and unique team experience

Adventure in Prague, a unique, collaborative and fun experience for your group outings! Discover the talents of each person in solving each challenge and live an unforgettable adventure, engraved forever in your memories!

Looking for a great activity for the last FUN day of your friend’s single life? Prison Island Montpellier is the place to be! Live a challenging adventure as a team and leave with unforgettable memories, engraved forever in your mind! LAUGHS GUARANTEED!

Take advantage of our bar to hydrate yourself!

There are a lot of tasks waiting for you in the hidden corners that you will have to complete within teams of 3-5 players.

Gather your friends and get ready for an exciting adventure.

You’ll need to combine thinking, balance, physicality and skill to overcome the challenges of each cell and come out on top!

Cooperate, accumulate points and have fun from 5 to 77 years old in this unique concept that mixes Fort Boyard and Prison Break in the most intense way.

Test your manual skills, strength, logic, and patience – it won’t be easy but with the right team you will overcome every challenge.



Got questions or special requirements?

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Phone (WhatsApp): +420 702 978 287


Duration: 2 hours game + way
Meeting point (if not specified in your request): in front of your accommodation

What's included

2hours game


transport there and back

Got questions or special requirements?

Contact us anytime, we're happy to help and organize the best experience for you!
Phone (WhatsApp): +420 702 978 287

Group size Total price Price per person
2 persons € 190 € 95.00
3 persons € 190 € 63.33
4 persons € 290 € 72.50
5 persons € 320 € 64.00
6 persons € 350 € 58.33
7 persons € 390 € 55.71
8 persons € 420 € 52.50
9 persons € 460 € 51.11
10 persons € 500 € 50.00
more than 10 persons On request On request

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