Tours  - Sightseeing tour

Prague Private Guide

Get familiar with most known Prague´s monument

99 € Details
90 € p.p. Details

Balloon Adventure in Prague

See Bohemia from the sky

189 € p.p. Details

Prague Castle: Private fairytale walking tour

Explore the largest castle complex in the world

70 € p.p. Details

Prague Historical Car Tour

Enjoy the stylish ride in vintage car

120 € per car Details
28 € per hour Details

Terezin: Concentration camp visit

lasting reminder of the Jewish tragedy of World War II.

120 € p.p. Details

Prague catacombs

Meet the Prague underground

70 € Details

Flouting in Prague underground

The cruise is a truly exceptional experience and is suitable for the whole family.

95 € Details

Private Tour: Exploration of Prague in one day - 8h tour

Discover best Prague´s Monuments in 8 hours

120 € p.p. Details

Český Krumlov - Fairytale Town

Private Visit one of the most beuatiful town in Bohemia

160 € p.p. Details

Prague Ghost Tour

The Most Haunted Places in Central Bohemia

44 € p.p. Details

Young Local Guide

Enjoy Old Prague without boring lecture

100 € Details

Castle Karlštejn - Czech Gothic treasure

Private Exploration of the most famous castle in the Czech Republic

115 € p.p. Details

Historical River Cruise

Explore Old Town and then Prague Venice from boat

26 € Details

Visit Dresden from Prague: 1 day trip to Germany

Explore city of Goethe, Schiller and Weber

165 € p.p. Details

Private Sightseeing tour in Prague

Discover best Prague´s Monuments in 3 hours

99 € Details

Funny Paddling trip to Czech River

Explore the beauty of czech nature

199 € p.p. Details

TOP 1 Family Amusement Park

All day trip to the best entertainment park for families

50 € p.p. Details

Visit Vienna from Prague: 1 day private trip to Austria

Visit the capital of the former Hapsburg Empire

180 € p.p. Details

Prague Castle Tour and Boat Trip

6 hours Highlight Tour with lunch

89 € p.p. Details

Vyšehrad and Local Pub Guide

Meet the best pubs and microbreweries in Prague

35 € Details

Zoo Prague Boat Tour

Long Vltava river cruise and best zoo experience

38 € Details

Tree Top Trail in National Park

Explore the beauty of czech nature

99 € p.p. Details

The Czech Grand Canyon: Big Amerika

Explore the beauty of czech nature

80 € Details

Prague by Night

Explore the lights of Medieval City

80 € p.p. Details

Prague Communism Tour inc Nuclear Bunker

More than 40 years of totalitarian rule.

79 € p.p. Details

Koněprusy caves

Explore the beauty of czech nature

79 € p.p. Details
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