Cooking Class - The best of Czech Cuisine

The best dumpligs lesson in Prague

Who wouldn't love Czech cuisine? It's a tradition to inherit recipes from generation to generation, so now is the best time to delve into your own family cookbook. We've prepared a Czech cuisine course for you in a new form under the guidance of grear czech Cook. In this course, we'll take you back to typical czech childhood, when the kids spent holidays by grandma's stove, eagerly anticipating her wonderful creations. Come with us to reminisce and learn to cook one of the most challenging, but also tastiest cuisines in the world.

Upon arrival, our head chef will greet you and introduce you to the course program. If you've signed up alone without a partner or friends, there's no need to worry, you'll definitely enjoy the course nonetheless.

You don't need to bring anything to the course. Ingredients, kitchen utensils, and aprons are provided. Just don't forget your good mood and come hungry. You'll have plenty of food to enjoy.

You don't need to worry about hydration :-) You won't be short on drinks – all non-alcoholic beverages, beer, and wine are included in the price, and you can drink as much as you like! For children's courses, there's no need to worry about hydration either, but we won't offer beer and wine to kids :-)

We'll email you all the recipes after your cooking course ends the next day. You can print them out and add them to your family cookbook.



Duration: 4 hours
Meeting point (if not specified in your request): in front of your accommodation

What's included

4 hours cooking lessons

pick up

all recipi to the email after the class

softs drinks all the time

all equipment

all ingredients

Got questions or special requirements?

Contact us anytime, we're happy to help and organize the best experience for you!
Phone (WhatsApp): +420 702 978 287

Group size Total price Price per person
2 persons € 350 € 175.00
3 persons € 470 € 156.67
4 persons € 620 € 155.00
5 persons € 750 € 150.00
6 persons € 940 € 156.67
more than 6 persons On request On request

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