Tandem skydiving

Enjoy tandem jump

Tandem skydiving, fun for the wide public, is one of the most desired aircraft activities in the Czech Republic. Dosage of adrenalin ensures smile in the face of passenger, in the same way as in the face of those who wanted to make him happy.

We also recommend this experience to everyone, who has a feeling, that nothing can surprise them and who still look for a new experience. Tandem is suitable for children from eight years of age with weighted agreement from parents.

 What you can expect? Before the jump, our instructor will give you a 15minutes training brief - explain to you how to exit the aircraft, what to do during the freefall and what to do under the canopy.

Then you dress into a jumpsuit, put on the harness and the instructor goes through safety checks. To protect your eyes during freefall we will borrow your goggles. Then you can board.

Flight to 9840-13120 ft. takes about 30minutes. During flying higher and higher you can enjoy a beautiful view of our country.

After getting out of the plane you will fall 50 seconds by speed 200km/h. At the height 4920 ft. the instructor will open the main canopy which you can try to pilot. It takes about 7-10 minutes. Finally, the instructor will safely land with you.



Duration: 1 hour+way
Meeting point (if not specified in your request): in front of your accommodation

What's included




flight to 9840-13120 ft. takes about 30minutes

fly: 7-10 minutes

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Group size Total price Price per person
1 person € 899 € 899.00
2 persons € 850 € 425.00
3 persons € 1200 € 400.00
4 persons € 1600 € 400.00
more than 4 persons On request On request